May 16, 2022Liked by Greg Maybury

The Maybury kids second worrying of the carcass of the still kicking Old grey lady.

Another worthy half hour of delicious and rapacious devouring of the rancid flesh that is the NYT.

Watching the winged predator fall upon a crippled cow. and remove the bovine bowels.

Taken with a good cup of coffee, and probably a nice biccy or two. Its worth the time.

We have a mutual friend on a certain non western oriented Social site .(VK) Mr Markey boy Sweeny .he too delivers much blood from the end of his Biro. But such a vast expense of words.

(not entirely my cup o tea or pot a coffee for that matter) but, none the less ,a scribbler I do like to follow .

Any hoo.....!! Mester Maybury . Anutha good un. am off to top up me brew in preparation for yer next unloading of eviscerated gibblets

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Why the New York Times is Anti-American


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