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Here's a truth that'll set you free--there's no honor among theives.

Especially, if we're talking about unelected unaccountable factions within the national security state including an assortment of private contractors and their techno/fascists comrades who are now in public/private partnerships with the government. In the past, this was known as fascism but, now it's considered a benign business relationship.

More importantly, who does this wide swath of vicious scavengers protect? Well of course it's the international bankster/gangsters, multinational corporations, and trillion dollar asset management firms.

So there you have it. The world has been global for quite some time. Haven't you heard "we're all in this together." 😁

That being said, no ruler even if elected in sham US elections are more powerful than the gang described above. A lesson that was brutally demonstrated on November 1963, but has been done numerous times throughout the planet. In fact, it occurs whenever the mobsters want to make a point. And you thought the US was special, so much for exceptionalism.

Btw, who said the pen is mightier than the sword.

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The CIA coined the phrase conspiracy theorist within the first quarter of 1964. Literally scores of people who witnessed the shooting at Dealy Plaza on 11/22/63 called the Dallas PD saying that what the media was reporting was inconsistent with what they saw and heard.

They were told to contact the FBI and tell them their stories. Before the summer of 1964 all of these witnesses had either shot themselves, jumped out a window, been sideswiped by a speeding car. killed by a hit-and- run driver etc., etc.

They had, of course, told their friends and families what they saw and heard that day, and they then became the very first conspiracy theorists.

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