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Gallipoli what a hell hole that became. Those poor soldiers never had a chance. So many mistakes, so many foolish orders. Over half a million injuries many were fatal. This and the field s of the Somme and Verdun where nearly two million were injured and killed (Paul Reeds book is good). Altogether WWI lost 60milion lives. Also read Wilfred Owen poem (my favorite) "Anthem for a Doomed Youth" and "Dulce Et Decorum Est". Wilfred was killed in action at the very end of WWI.

Rupert Brooks died on his way back from Gallipoli - read his poem "The Soldier"

WWI killed in total 65 million military personnel from both German and allied forces.


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Robert, The 65 million figure is probably correct. These figures are almost always underestimated. As for Gallipoli, space and the overall purpose of the article precluded any detailed analysis of this or any other battle. But my own reading over the years about the Great War have left me a lasting abhorrence of this monumental disaster. The poets as well I remember from my school days, esp Sassoon and Owen, though the actual poems are but a distant memory. I will indeed read Brookes' poem again. Thanks for the reminder.

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I usually send out Owen's quote on memorial day.

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Hi Greg - Just subscribed (free for now but may upgrade - looks like a great substack) @dontdenythe

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