Very good article thank you.

I would anyway point out to other reasons and means behind the world wars.

1 adolf was a rothshield. “alois hitler, father of adolf, was the illegitimate son of Maria Anna Schicklgruber and Baron rothschild.”

2 the reason behind world war two was to give europe to russia, when adolf hiedler “his father’s real “adoptive” name” realized that also Germany was going to be given to the bolsheviks, he actuated operation barbarossa.

He so invaded Russia to stop the anglo american plan to destroy Europe, and to protect not just Germany, but the all of Europe.

3 when the war was over, the british and the americans did not bring freedom and democracy to Europe, but instead more martial laws, borders within countries, as well as giving all of east Europe to Russia and complaining to Russia for not taking more territories.

4 to learn about the names of the families responsible for such war, one should investigate the first covert operation by the british cabal, carried out to destroy a European kingdom which had surpassed in richness the british empire, “ the Kingdom of the due Sicilie”

Those are some points which in my opinion should be further investigated and addressed in order to provide a more comprehensive view of the picture.

And yes, every war is a banker’s war, and if you follow the money you can reach the doorsteps of their bunkers.

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