It seams obvious that all the chaos is caused by the supremacist ideology of a people, and it’s protection via absurd and 100% discriminatory and bias laws.

Laws which are designed to specially protect one people, and criminalizes the rest such as the antisemitism laws, are in effect, the instrument of terror and corruption which is allowing this on going genocide to take place.

WE the living people, are the only chosen people, chosen by life and by its divine essence, to share our life in a paradise to us given at birth.

A paradise turned into an inferno by those who claim theirs the only right to existence on OUR PLANET, and shield them selfs behind supposed “religions” and discriminatory laws.

Thank you Greg.

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Of the brevity that is so disparaged at the beginning, I might partake in.

This #God they invented for themselves : The sooner the world stops believing in it, the sooner they lose their power.

The fear and thrall of an omnipresent and all powerful deity is their most essential weapon. Dispose ye selves of this obnoxious and quintessentially arrogant abstract. And BEHOLD..!! the Emperor has no clothes.

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