To be frightened won’t help, the eugenicists cabal an its zionist leadership just shot it self in the balls.

Never before in history mankind as witnessed from their own home this amount of racism and systematic ethnic destruction of a people.

The psychopathic nature of monsters is in display for everyone to see and I guarantee you that no one beside the psychopathic cabal of eugenists will stand for it.

What happened was a 100 percent planned and organized by the US, UK, and Israeli/zionist cabal.

It could have not happened otherwise.

Beside the sensors, watchtowers, security cameras, drones and robots patrolling the so called borders, satellites (and not just the israeli ones) are also looking down 24-7

Also to be noted is that the area which now everybody (israel, US, UK, and EU criminal representatives are burning to get, (The north zone of Gaza) is actually the largest gas field in the Mediterranean Sea and The British have already made signed a contract with Israel for the extraction.

A contract which bypasses Palestinians.

Read what I wrote ( note never mind my spelling, grammar, punctuation and pore English and if you can help me with the spell check would be great )


We need to make our voice herd in the streets and everywhere.

There is nothing that can coverup the blatant warcrimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated by the psychopathic cabal, and nothing which can hide the guilt of those which have been and are stil enforcing this genocide.

Peace and dignity for Palestina

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You are definitely over the target here. But what happened on October 7th must be seen in context. This is part of the long march to World War III, which, like WW1 and WW2, will be an entirely bankster choreographed event calculated to usher in a One World Government under a regime of terror unlike any seen before. (St John wrote about this in the Last Book of the Bible.)

Between the Plandemic and the quaccines they have dumbed down half the population. No political solution exists for this. We must exercise the St Benedict Option and Head for the Hills.

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don’t think so, I am afraid that this time in history, if we lett it go that far, running for the hill won’t help.

It is evident to me that this was a shitstorm prepared to be released to cover up other evidences, namely the relies of the classified killersine papers according to which the health authorities where informed by the biggest killersine manufacturing company in the beginning of 2021 that during the first US trial of the experimental geneterapy/killersine (less than 2 months) over 1250 died as a direct result of the killersine.

Other studies are now also saying that the dead from it now is estimate over 70 millions plus hundreds of millions of adverse reactions (worldwide)

Remember safe and effective? Also according to new studies the killersine incremented the chance to get sick 17% plus 17% more for each booster.

So yes I can understand why the are all pushing for war, but it must be us to say enough is enough . Time is now to act and demand accountability for the warcrimes and atrocities being committed in front of our eyes, and accountability for those politicians which have endorsed the continuation of this now public genocide is paramount.

After that we can start to deal with the stupids and the criminals of the scamdemic, but first we need to stop this war, cause in this case, if we lett them go on i their suicidal game (which is but a game) there is no running to hill which can save anyone .

New link


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The "invasion" was planned years in advance.

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Oct 24, 2023·edited Oct 24, 2023Liked by Greg Maybury

Yes 1948.

The majority of Palestinians voted against the 1947 resolution so in reality the original UN resolution (which admits that the UN does not have the rights to partition land and decide the destiny of a nation over the will of its people) has no value hence, the military wannabe state of isarael, legally, does not exist. It is a military occupation with no legal rights that is why the focus of the criminal nations partners in this Middle East project are not doing anything’s for saving the prisoners or the civilians ( deprived of water, food, and electricity and for over 2 weeks now under constant bombardment), but to write a new resolution which would give it the so called rights to self defense (which an occupying armi/force does not have) .

And this is why they only talking about the Balfour declaration and none talk about the fake 1947 UN resolution which was actually the paper used to establish the terrorist state of military occupation on Palestinian land.

Here a good interview with someone (Israeli professor) explaining much about this ongoing massacre.

The video is long so I advise you to watch the first half first. The second part is also quite brilliant though the sound in part, not as good as the first part.

Excellent tips also on how to respond to attacks by people calling opposition to the israeli’s regime a crime.



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Sol, agreed. On all points. This is what I posted on my socials. FYI.

Friends, ICYMI. More reality checks and balances about events in #Israel and #Palestine.

For myself the esteemed (though perhaps not so by the #Zionist cabal) Jewish historian #IlanPappe is one of my 'go to' sources for an accurate and insightful understanding of recent events and the history that has led to them. ICYMI, in this presentation Pappé speaks to a UC Berkeley audience last week.

Pappe is the author of many books, including The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine* (2007). The book does what it says on the 'box'. He documents therein the ethnic cleansing that was (and as recent events attest, remain), a long-standing Zionist goal.

Seventy-five years ago, Zionist militias tore through Palestinian villages, massacring the villagers and expelling those who remained alive, to clear the way for the creation of the state of Israel. An estimated 15,000 Palestinians were killed and hundreds of thousands fled their homes to live as refugees in other parts of Palestine or neighbouring countries, an event known by Palestinians as the Nakba – “the catastrophe”.

This goal that produced the Nakba was plotted in detail by David Ben-Gurion, Israel's first PM (and it needs be noted) former Zio-terrorist. It was called the Dalet Plan. It included a much greater number of atrocities against the long-time, local inhabitants in the establishment of Israel in the late 1940s than Western establishments acknowledge.

And again, as the handwringing sanctimony, political posturing and hypocrisy about the Hamas attacks attests (all of which would leave the Pharisees of Old Testament fame breathless with embarrassment), these same "Western establishments" are still having a difficult time understanding, much less any chance of them acknowledging such realities. (This is mostly because they all know upon which side their bagel is buttered.)

Pappé says it was the start of a process of ethnic cleansing that continues till the present, especially in what's happening today in Gaza. Israel expelled 36 villages between 1948 and 1967 inside Israel, he adds. He further notes that some of the kibbutzim that #Hamas occupied on Oct. 7 were built over the ruins of former Palestinian villages, many of whose inhabitants were expelled to Gaza.

So there y'all have it my friends. another piece of the picture my friends, though this is only the tip of the iceberg that is the nightmare the world is confronted with.

*About the The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, Publisher’s Weekly wrote:

“Denied for almost six decades, had it happened today it could only have been called ‘ethnic cleansing.’ Decisively debunking the myth that the Palestinian population left of their own accord in the course of this war, Ilan Pappé offers impressive archival evidence to demonstrate that, from its very inception, a central plank in Israel’s founding ideology was the forcible removal of the indigenous population. Indispensable for anyone interested in the current crisis in the Middle East.”

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Dear Greg, thank you for the answer.

I can tell you that more and more evidences are stacking up to show who is the biggest terrorist in this story.

I know as a fact that they both are.

The first israel which does not need any introduction and with over 80:resolutions condemning it for the worst conceivable crimes on individuals and on humanity , now in public display has is giving the middle finger to the world whilst it starves, strangles and massacres the Gaza, West Bank, prisoners, international and own national people first kidnapped and now in Gaza and alive only because protected, cured and fad by the supposed terrorists .

And the second hamas, a military entity similar to the gestapo which was invented and instructed by Israel, US, and Britain for the destabilization of the peace process of the PLO.

A special note about hamas fighters, only the top Is corrupted, the rest is in grand part made up by young boys which was abducted by the hamas militia to be indoctrinated to extremism and turned into baby soldiers.

But now something about me, I have worked for 4 years as a moderator for a site built by an hero,

His name was Vittorio Arrigoni, a humanitarian worker and a writer who won against the Israeli navy when in 2007 broke the sea blockade on Gaza and brought in the first and unfortunately only ship of what became known as the freedom flotilla.

He was also the only foreigner in Gaza during the vicious and terrifying cast lead operation of 2008.

He was killed in 2011 by an alleged selafists cell by hanging and I the first one receiving the video of his assassination from YouTube. View Count number 1.

Following his assassination, I tried to ask the Italian authorities to start an investigation on those who I was told by him to be the responsible ones for his death should it occur, as he told me ours before being kidnapped.

I was ignored and threatened.

Before being killed, Vittorio had just published an article about the tunnels of Gaza, in which he discussed the role of hamas with its taxation business on all goods and movement of people coming through the tunnels.

He also exposed many of their leaders, wring about the locations of their villas outside of Gaza.

Already days before being kidnapped, he told me that hamas and the israeli government wanted him dead, and that he was not being allowed to leave the country. (Blocked by israel, hamas and Egypt)

Worth mentioning also that he told me he was then sure that the so called humanitarian group for which he was working was also an instrument of the same cabal and that he suspected the killing of some of his colleagues humanitarian workers, to have been the result of traps set by the same humanitarian group’s leaders.

He also talked about how an other supposed humanitarian entity, (save the children) stole tens of millions donated to the Palestinian cause during and after the so called cast lead operation/massacre.

I tried to expose all of the above mentions and by the way Vittorio also told me he had talked about it to Ilan Pepe which did nothing. To my knowledge, to this day, not even a mention of any of it in any of his articles.

So yes, he speaks some truth and that is why I anyway posted the video, but in reality, you can see with your own eyes, that the video was mounted in a way to get as less clicks as possible.

(Starts playing only after some minutes, and the sound, specially in the second half it’s very bad.

Having studied both propaganda and sounds engineering, I can tell you that it is not a joke.

Also, in this particular interview, you can see how he is actually more instigating than explaining.

Note when he tells the audience that in israel are two groups arguing in politics, and how both of them are pro apartheid.

Some say that when you can no longer hide something bad, you are left with a truth which can be watered down by mixing it with lies.

In this case though I think that instead is being used to attract those who dissent from the apartheid policies to black list them.

So yes and sorry for hitting on someone who in this case is telling the truth but I think you can understand my reasons.

To solve this mess I see only 1 peaceful solution, which would imply the arrest by the israeli authorities of the president, the pm, and of all those politicians which have promoted the theft and plundering of the Palestinian land and people as they are responsible for crimes against humanity.

Israeli people have plenty of evidences that this massacre now blamed on the Palestinian people, is the direct result of what can be beyond any doubt called the israeli inside job of the century.

Other solution is that Palestine must tell the United States that its delegation are no longer welcome and that the US are now served with a restraining order.

Only than, something which does not involves bombs can be achieved.

On the other hand, the crumbling UN, has reach the cross road of its life, it will have to decide if to end as a scam only responsible for death, poisoning and destruction, or do what it was made fore, disarm warmongers and genocide maniacs, and prosecute all zionists and extremists for crimes of hate and crimes against humanity.

Here something else which Vittorio and all Palestinians would like people to know, and that is the biggest pray during the cast led massacre, was for a no fly zone over Palestine.

The reason is that according to Vittorio, one of the most horrible thing beside the horrors of bombings, was the sound of the drones constantly flying over their heads, as that is the sound they are used to ear before the bombs start to fall on their heads.

A psychological torture which effects everyone, specially the small children which now traumatized, every time they ear one run for cover or start crying.

In general people have no idea of this constant torture and they should.

They should understand what it means to be running for cover every time you ear a plane, an helicopter or a drone, coming closer and closer, they should also know what it means being waken up by the sound of propellers threatening your and your family’s existence, and they must say enough is enough and demand the incarceration of the genocide/zionist regime, or the intervention of military force to disarm the zionist genocidal maniacs once and for all, and criminalize zionism, just like it was done with nazism, racism, and every other type of violent extremism.

The hamas problem needs to be addressed by the Gaza people or else not only it will never end, but it will turn them from israeli proxy into real terrorists for the west and heroes for the Arabs

But that is secondary.

First we must stop this war.

Here a good article


By not demanding an immediate cease fire and supporting this now well televised massacre of civilians, US is putting the all world in grave danger.

It now better muzzle his dog and sacrifice his holly pigs to the warcrimes tribunal, before is to late.

Freedom peace and dignity for Palestine and for all who love and respect this now blood soaked “holly land”


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If all of the main players were persuaded, by popular opinion, to dance on the end of a rope, then this and all future wars could be avoided.

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This people are out of control coke freaks, there is no way to perused them or to put any sense in their brains, they need to bang their faces against the glass door several times before they understand that they need to open the door with the nob, and the next time they will try to go through the same door they will bang their face again, and that is not just because they are stupid, but because they are so full of them self that they can even think straight.

They need to be sued in both civil and criminal courts and be banned from public office otherwise they will just ignore and dismiss any opposition and continue to push their insanity and it should be clear to everybody by now where is that taking us.

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Fearless ♥️

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G'Day Zypker, You too can be just as "fearless" by restacking and reposting. Thanks for the feedback mon ami. 👍🙏🏼

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If you can find them, refer back to the original PNAC documents. And take note that the signatories are still the current movers and shakers in US foreign policy. (Example, Nuland is married to Kagan who was one of the authors of their pernicious manifesto for the “New American Century.”)

Kind of like Mein Kempf, these bastards announced exactly what they planned to do, and now that their program is well underway and is now current official policy, everyone is totally surprised.

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It should surprise nobody that the Australian government of occupation would go along with with any false flag terrorist attack and any response genocidal or otherwise. The blatant false flag terror attack on the people of Australia by John Howard's grubby government at Port Arthur, is proof enough of that.

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Fantasic piece Greg.

The conquerors book is a hard read, due to the horrendous brutality on record, but it illustrates that there were other truths about WW2, that we were definitely not permitted to know.

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