Good stuff, Greg. I know I have large gaps in my knowledge but I can't believe I hadn't heard of Alex Carey before.

I'm struggling so hard right now with the depression of having to continue living in this society as it is. I mean, what a fucking terror. I truly, truly, truly believed that when something big enough hit westerners in a way to hurt us (or our five year old children's bodies) that people would wake up. That the understanding would come from the same limbic space that the fear propagation and the herding comes from. That there had to be some kind of built-in response that would kick in once the socios reached glutten levels and their centralised operation became apparent. But nope. Class analysis is now just right wingers' paranoid delusions! Huzzah! And I really don't know what to do with this, how to keep going on functionally speaking to my fellow human without the misanthropy and despair destroying me. What happens now? Why haven't we launched effective countermeasures yet, having all the reality on our side? Will we ever? Or is this crop of humans set in stone now? So many questions.

Maybe it's not fixable. Maybe all that can be done now is a sad turning away.

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Had you written this in the 15th -16th century after Herr Gutenbergs success It would be as relevant to religion as it is to todays global human offensive of the mind.

We are (just as old queeny Liz) about to end an era . Almost a "Cohen-cidence" then ,That the expiry of one births the next .

Here we have the expiry of the Old world order (religious tyranny ) and in with the new world order (corporate tyranny) ."THE KING IS DEAD . LONG LIVE THE KING".

So yes, Greggy lad . Perfectly relevant piece.

When they open time travel up for the masses . Take this essay with ya and pin it on the Church door. (printed, mind . Not handwritten )

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An excellent essay Greg. Interesting to note WaPo, NY Times and Kissinger, amongst others, recently shifting the narrative to more realistic assessment of the situation in Ukraine and calling for a negotiated settlement within two months.

After saturation coverage of the ‘heroic’ Ukrainian soldiers vs a demoralised and vanquished Russian army, are WaPo and NYT the vanguard of a new narrative, one that now runs completely counter to the previous one? With Zelensky still ludicrously predicting a ‘win’ for Ukraine, it appears the cessation of hostilities still has a way to go. In the meantime, all those deaths for what…. ?

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