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The Europa video is constantly disrupted trying to watch it. I can’t seem to watch it in one full piece. It pauses constantly. Regarding the length of it, it’s annoying. Any suggestions?

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Sou, I didn’t have any technical issues watching it. As for length, I watched it in stages. Sorry I can’t be of more assistance. It pays dividends. Trust me. GM

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Thank you Greg.

Life changing is correct.

I had put off watching this for a very long time, as I "knew the truth" about WW2 and we were the good guys.

I began viewing it with the knowledge that it would inevitably be pro Hitler and anti Jewish.

It was, but it also provides numerous reasons.

I had to take a break part way through the series, as it had destroyed much of my previous knowledge with news reports and historical statements.

The rug had been firmly pulled out from underneath me and has made me question everything I thought I knew.

There are certainly some errors and false claims, but for the most part it tells the other side of the story, very well.

This led me to look up other heretical sources of information, such as:

David Irving, whose entire collection of notes taken directly from the German archives, was "confiscated" by the UK government.

David Cole, a Jew who had to go into hiding after exposing just a few of the anomalies regarding Auschwitz.

Carlos Whitlock Porter, who exposes many of the propaganda photographs doctored by the Soviets.

James Bacque - Other losses - about the intentional starvation of 1 million Germans after the war in Eisenhowers death camps on the Rhine meadows.

You should also watch Hellstorm, about the Dresden bombing.

That was without a doubt, a terrible war crime perpetrated by us "good guys".

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Julius, Many thanks for this. Will read with great interest. Do you the people behind this? I'd like to interview them at some point.

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