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Another who has worked hard to inform but is censored and shut out is Micheal Yeadon. This is not an interview, rather just him speaking for just under an hour and he deserves recognition. https://rumble.com/vg4inv-michael-yeadon-full-interview-planet-lockdown.html

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This essay is a wild ride and a good read, too. I am also published at Dissident Voice, and got the "COVID-1984" memo right off the bat, this latest over-dosage or "booster" of the 9/11 virus. My guess with Ms Johnstone is that she's kind of arrogant, as in: "I'm above this mess; let the others waste their ink in the muck..." Kind of like loudly sobbing over the image of a starving kid in Africa on one's TV screen whilst stiff upper-lipping the starving kid down the street. I do get that COVID's a mind-fuck, which is precisely how a PSYOPs is supposed to work, and I think that a lot of "Lefties" have fallen too easily prey to the cognitive-fuckery of it. Also, the fear of losing friends and family who were quickly morphed into "Branch Covidians" by the Shock-and-Awe campaign that brought this New Flu to town, as if they'd all been bitten by a Vampire...

Incidentally, I was able to read this essay courtesy of Springer Lowell, who responded to my DV piece "Who's Afraid of Glenn Greenwald?" (December, 2020), and we've struck up a fun correspondence ever since. Keep up the good writes, and I will be on the outlook for any Greg Maybury pieces appearing on a browser near me. Cheers, Todd

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I applaud you sir.

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📝👉 Essay: The Psychic Dangers of Infected Minds (With a Lie this Large), by Greg Maybury©️Feb. 2021, Rev. May.

#Covid19 #Censorship #BillGates #Propaganda #FakeNews #RFKJr #ExperimentalVaccines #BigPharma #NewNormal

Hello Folks, We live in the Age of Angst, Animus and Anomie. The 'controversy' still rages on all things #Covid. Yet the many scientists, health-care workers and medical professionals—even former pharmaceutical executives and senior staffers—who bravely stand fast against the toxic tide of this new tyranny is clear evidence something is decidedly wrong with the official narrative.

My feature length essay on the subject of Covid posited the notion the real “virus” was of a different, less tangible, far more insidious kind. It’s titled “The Psychic Dangers of Infected Minds (With a Lie this Large).”

Since publishing this in February, the “minds” have become more infected, the lies larger, more frequent, habitual, absurd, contradictory. And more broadly disseminated. With the truth more distorted, fragmented, concealed. And soon perhaps to be punishable by law. That said, the natives are getting restless 😬…

👍🗣 Brief: The emergence in 2020 of the Coronavirus (or Covid-19) and the putative dire implications for us all of its unchecked spread and virulence caught most people on the planet off guard. For a variety of reasons, this development signalled an epochal turning point for the global political economy, for our society and humanity.

Greg Maybury gets ‘up close and personal’ with the pandemic, reflecting more so on the ‘popular delusions and madness of crowds’ attending it, and those purporting to manage the crisis in our best interests. In this context, he offers a more off-piste perspective of the forces driving us to a destination almost certainly will not be to our liking. To the extent they’ll even have the freedom to reflect on such, it will likely leave our descendants wondering how and why we let it get to this point. And in the doing thereof, despairing at our stupidity, ignorance and studied complacency.


Greg Maybury

Pox Amerikana

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Hello Greg, It appears that the "Special Military Operation" that was just a mote in a Spy's eye when last we wrote has metastasized into a full-blown something or other since, say, February 24. Atrocities of the PropagandaVerse have gone Full Metal SNAFU since then. Is Putin the only "rational" card in the House is a question. The Trifecta of Nuland-Blinken-Sullivan, minus a doddering Biden, not so much. My improvised piece "CIA Propaganda Verse: Putin's Ploy in Context," did get a publish at Dissident Voice on March 1, with a couple of others in the "Canadian Truckers Convoy" line, waiting, patiently...Still stuck in Ottawa--with the Memphis Blues Again! Anyway, hope it's OK where you are, random Bob Dylan references be damned! Take care and be well, Todd

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Thanks for this perspective. A great read.

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Well done Greg. Truly delicious reading. Time to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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